Types kitchen faucets [Everything about Kitchen Faucets]

There are majorly 8 types of kitchen faucets people generally talk about but more than this sufficient knowledge here we present a wide range of kitchen faucets which you need to understand and should know about it. There are so many styles, sizes and designs available in the market. You can face some difficulties before buying a faucet which fulfil your requirements as well as suits your kitchen.

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So for making your task easier here we combined and make a list of 14 different kinds of kitchen faucets which will help you to choose the right faucet for your kitchen or sink.

Types kitchen faucets

1. Centerset

Centerset is a type of faucet which have a brilliant technology with double handles. The other name of this faucet “ two handle” and it is also known as “two hole” faucet. As we can see the name itself describes the function of the faucet and its working as well. Centerset faucet has the special ability that it has two different handles for different types of water. One is for hot water and the other is for cold water.

As the name of the faucet shows that it requires si many holes for installation which you can say is a demerit of this faucet because the more holes require the more complications occurs during installation.

Generally the people who live with their families and also they have kids choose this faucet the most. As the two separate handles helps them as per their convenience.  They do not have to think about the burning of their kids.

Centerset is named for showing that everything is connected with a metal object that too is fitted at the centre of the sink.

2. Single-Hole faucet

This is the commonest kitchen faucet and can be easily seen in anyone’s kitchen. The name itself denote that the installation process is very easy and can be installed by only a single hole. It is highly convenient and easy to use and install. Its design and simplicity is the main key feature of it to get attracted.

It consists only single hand and that only hand has the ability to control the temperature and pressure as per the user’s requirement. Moreover, it has a spout which oozes out water. The design and curve neck is designed specially for reducing the back splashes from the sink and can fill pots easily.

This single handled simple faucet might seems boring but it has facilities like switching water spray, touchless activation sensor but yes its features are not much as the others and are limited because of its simple design.

The good thing if this faucet is it is easily available everywhere and you don’t need to wander from one shop to another to purchase this.

3. Pull-out

The name of the faucet pullout itself indicates that the faucet has the ability to get detached from the main body and can be used for close up works like cleaning utensils and filling short pots without having back splashes.

This faucet type is very versatile and is able to do a lot of functions as there are so many inbuilt technologies used while making this faucet. Moreover, they give great performance while washing dishes, cleaning and the 360° swivels helps to reach each and every difficult corner of the sink.

More than this they are available in almost all type of material like- brass, stainless, zinc, bronze and chrome. You can choose any of the as per your requirement. All are tarnished and corrosion free.

4. Pull-down

People may get confused with pull-out and Pull-down faucet. Actually the functions of both of them are same there is very slight differences in them. However, the pull down faucet have attached head and no free-ranging hose like pull-out faucet.

It is easy to use and it has less chances of having back splash. It also has the ability to clean each and every corner of the sink but due to the attached pattern it is unable to reach far away.

It easily available in all shops also the installation process of this faucet is easy, no need to use heavy duty tools for installation.  Temperature adjustment feature is also available but it is single handled faucet.

5. Widespread

You can say widespread faucet is a cousin brother of Centerset faucet. It also has two handles and need many holes during the time of installation. The main difference in them is  it is not connected with a single metal base plate.  It requires individual stuffs and all are installed separately.

They need a lot of space to get installed as the pieces are separate. Its a matter of concerned before buying it you must need to check the measurement of your sink and then the faucet.

It is good for those who need two different handles for hot and cold water with some space between them for other bathroom accessories.  But for that also you need to do many holes to install in your sink’s countertop.

6. Double-handle, single hole.

As far as we came here now its time to keep our eye on some more technical faucets with advanced features. This faucet is good and quite decent for the homemakers and can be proved as worth purchasing it.

It has two handled facility to differentiate between hot and cold water. Both the handles are attached with the spout directly and need not to install it from different places, you just need to do a single whole for one single base plate.

The metal base plate is fitted in the middle of the sink with almost no heavy duty tools or DIYers. You can easily use it and experience a convenient service without any complicated setup.

But there is one drawback of this faucet that is if the faucet have some issues with its services in future you need to replace the whole not just a piece or a single part.

7. Side sprayers

People think that the faucets with non detachable head are not good, the functions are not profitable and lot more but there are some faucets which are nice and can be purchased without having detachable head.

The side sprayer are as good as detachable faucets. They have the same functions and the same line as it is in that faucets. They have water adjustment technology along with 360° swivels. Some of them also have two different types of spray or stream system.

Yes it has the handle on its side and can consist more space than the other faucets but it is mire cleaner and hygienic than the others. There is a demerit that is require multiple holes for installation.

8. Wall-mounted

As the name itself denotes that the wall mounted faucet is attached on the wall to get used. There is no requirement to fit it on the countertop you can easily installed it on the wall. This is highly designed for the small houses as there are very congested space so through this you are able to put some more items around it.

Moreover, these faucets are available in a variety of designs and colours along with various shapes and sizes. You can purchase any of them as per your kitchen and requirement.

You need a professional plumber to install this faucet as this need a special type of valves and other fitting needs to get installed.

As the faucet on wall it is easy to clean under and around the faucet. Also, there are plenty of designs to be chosen. There is a draw back that due to get installed on height there is a high potential of back splashes occurs.

9. Pot Fillers

Like all of the above its name is already indicated that this faucet is used for filling pots and other marge vessels. Generally these kind of faucets are used in restaurants and other commercial business kitchens. It has a long thin spout to fill big basins for dish washing purposes.

There are lot of shapes and sizes available in which their thickness may vary from one company to other but the function and purpose is same . It has a high power and pressure water stream which is not meant for a normal home kitchen sinks.

From all these knowledge about pot fillers you got to know that it is for restaurants but no it is easily available in market and you can use it for you simple kitchens also.

10. Basin Taps

Basin taps are nothing but they are two small faucets fits together and get used with each other.

They are not like the others with central metal base plate and also they do not have two different handles for water differentiation which connected to a single spout but still you can easily distinguish  between hot water supply and cold water supply.

It is a traditional throwback design in this faucet in which hot and cold water can be mixed and used. It is also available in various designs and materials like chrome, brass and others.

11. Cold water dispenser

This dispenser is only for cold water. So, if you are a person who eats non-veg a lot and usually you need to wash it on its habitual water temperature you can highly recommend it.

The vegetables you need to wash on its original tropical climate then this faucet is quite decent and worth purchasing for you.

You do not need to wait for temperature adjustment like the other faucets let you do. This immediately gives you cold water as per your requirement for washing purposes.

Along with this the design of the faucet is very good and basic and it is easy to install it also. But you can count it as a demerit also that it only gives cold water.

12. Hot water dispenser

If you have a baby and it is necessary for you to feed your kid’s meal whether it is afternoon or night you need hot water all the time. And also if you are a morning coffee kind of person then this is definitely for you. This faucets helps you to do your work fast and save time.

The other faucets or taps take time to adjust the temperature and then give hot water. But this faucet immediately do your work at your convenience.

Despite filling cold water and warm it as per your required temperature for bath and other purposes this faucet warms the water constantly and at your convenience. This is available in the market at very reasonable price rate.

The design of the faucets is very decent and good looking and also it is easy to install but there is again a limitation that it only gives hot water.

13. Commercial kitchen faucet

No doubt commercial kitchen faucet are the best among the all because it is highly designed for commercial purposes like for in restaurants where the highly trained, experienced and professional chefs are present who are not allowed to do mistakes.

So, these high-tech faucets are for them. There are lots of features in this faucet like touchless sensor, 360° swivels rotation, high class performance and also the pull out function with temperature adjustment.

They have less leakage issues and also they are easily available in markets with different bigger and better sizes as per your requirement.

The designs are tremendous and looks are also cool. Easily handle high demands and containers.

14. Faucets with water filters

In this also the name itself indicates that this is an advance quality faucet with also the ability to purify the water. No matter whether it is toxins like cadmium, chromium or copper this can purify each and every toxins from you drinking water.

If you are always worried about the health of you family and you want them to drink purify water which are toxins free you can surely purchase this

It’s better to purchase this faucet then wasting your money on cheap and low quality water filters.  Among all this superb faucet have a sweet taste which enhances your experience and also give more purity.

You don’t need to worry about its design and shapes because it is available in all the types of shapes and sizes which are suitable for all types of kitchens also the filter is already installed in the faucet.


1. If we need both hot and cold water which one is better, separate faucets or a combined which provide both?

For this if you purchase both the faucets separately it might be costly for you. As the combined faucet is cheaper than this and be able to give both the facilities in a single tap. In my opinion you should go for it.

2. Which company produces the best faucets?

There are a lot of companies in market which will manufacture high quality faucets like delta, moen , Kohler and a lot more. And all are trusted and manufacturing from a very long period of time. You can go with any of them.

3. Which faucet is good single handled or double handled?

This is completely depends upon your needs and which type of your kitchen and also do you have kids in you family. If yes, then you should purchase double handled faucet as it has separate water producing ability.

4. Do commercial faucets are only for restaurants?

Actually the motive of commercial faucets is for restaurants but you can use it for your kitchens too but the water pressure and potential of commercial faucets are too high that your it is hard for your normally sink to be handled.


Here we have seen 14  different kinds of kitchen faucets which you must need to know before buying. All the types listed above are explained very broadly and all are written by our deep study and researches. These are the main points and factors that are important and you must need to keep in mind if you are thinking of purchasing a faucet. Also check the measurement of your sink as well as the faucet to get a perfect fitting and look tremendous in you kitchen. Hope this information helped you and you liked it.

If you are looking for a faucet

  • Which has high pressure and potential
  • Big and better in size
  • A lot of technologies
  • And classy look

You should definitely go with commercial kitchen faucet.

IF you are looking for

  • Double handle
  • Traditional design
  • Reasonable price
  • With temperature adjustment

You should definitely go with double handle, single hole faucet.

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