6 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet 2024

We all know that there are a large range of faucets in markets whether it is commercial or any other and finding out the best in all of them is not an easy task. There are some problems kike leakage and all are almost in every company’s faucets.

Here we take some faucets which has the ability to be in your kitchen and help to reduce your tension or pressure or purchasing best commercial kitchen faucet.

Best commercial kitchen faucets

# Product Weight (Pounds)
1 Kraus KPF-1610SS 3.9
2 Moen 5923 Align 3.4
3 Kohler K-72218-VS 4.3
4 Fapully Kitchen Faucet 7.7
5 GICASA Kitchen Faucet 1
6 MOONE Commercial kitchen faucet 8.7


1. Kraus KPF-1610SS

Why do we love it?

  • Highly designed to fit in the category of professional modern kitchen.
  • Can be able to fit anywhere, where other commercial faucets do not reach.
  • High technology with two streams system for the better functioning.
Brand: Kraus | Material: Brass | Spout Height: 6.38 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

This fantastic commercial faucet has both the facilities of functional and flexibility which is the best thing of a faucet. Along with this the high quality heavy duty spring is included with it which gives it strength and a perfect decent look. Along with this the perfect height of 18 inches is very suitable and will be able to fit in any kitchen’s sink.

There is a technology of wear-resistance technology which does not allow the product to get tarnished or corroded and also available in very tremendous and catchy look which definitely enhance the beauty of kitchen cabinet. Among all the design and the look of the faucet is appreciable, completely suits with the designs of modern kitchens.

Moreover, the smart handle design is able to move 90° forward to provide more convenience and reduces the back splashes. The height and the size of 16 inches is an appropriate as per the requirement. It has two types of spray mode, one is for daily using works and the other js for intense cleaning.


  • Highly reasonable
  • Prevent loosening
  • No cheap products used
  • Fit and finish is fascinating


  • May see leakage issue
  • Discomforting

As per my opinion this product is quite decent and can be purchasable for commercial purpose. However, there are some limitations in this product too that you can see leakage problems and you might feel discomfort while using it but this might be ignored if we see the positive aspects of the product and can be said that this is the best commercial kitchen faucet.

2. Moen 5923 Align

Why do we love it?

  • The reflection of the chrome finish gives so much reflection just same as the mirror.
  • Sensors are inbuilt which gives you touchless activation experience.
  • Classy and slight vibrant look enhance the beauty of your sink as well as the kitchen.
Brand: Moen | Material: Metal | Spout Height : 22.5 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.5 gallons per minute.

This commercially used Moen’s Kitchen Faucet is specially made for the Moen’s users since a long period of time with improved technologies. The advanced technology of strong and powerful stream is helpful to clean the dishes with strength and remove dirt and dust from each and every corner of the sink with almost no back splashes. With this the feature of touchless activation is all above the mark the only thing you have to do is to wave your hand to turn on and off the flow of water.

This facility is highly made for that time when your hands are messy, full with dirt or soapy that time you can turn on the tap without actually touching it. The installation process is so easy and quick even it do not need any type of tools to install it. The duralock advanced system allows to connect to the power line securely by a single step only.

More than this the weight of the product is only 9 pounds which is an ideal weight of a faucet and also it requires a single battery of 6 AA for touchless sensor to work. The spout height of 22 inches provides it a beautiful shape and curve and beautify its look.


  • Highly made for commercial purpose
  • 360° rotation system
  • No high damages
  • Affordable


  • Paint peels in early stage
  • Slight leakage issue

If you are looking for a bold, classy and best commercial kitchen faucet there is a big go. We can see there is not much more serious issues to be concerned. Moreover, the long life or the product makes is so convenient for the users. Also, you can see there that the size shape and weight is very suitable.

3. Kohler K-72218-VS

Why do we love it?

  • Highly versatile in shape and also design is incomparable.
  • Providing best facilities in such a cheap price rate.
  • Working and performance are so smooth and neat.
Brand: Kohler | Material: Metal | Spout Height: 9.56 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

Product Overview:

This faucet is completely made for the commercial purposes. The fitting of the faucet is so smooth that you can hold it by single hand easily and faucet can reach all over the sink so that you are able to do other kitchen works simultaneously without taking anyone’s help. Along with this it has smooth pull facility which allows it to detach from the tap and able to do close up tasks of the sink.

Along with this, it has sweep spray for cleaning purposes which gives out blade-like water. Too, a magnetic docking system protects the head of the faucet by pull-down styles. Available in a variety of ranges as per users convenience and also fits flawlessly on your sink. The weight of the faucet is 8.33 pounds and the height along with weight is so appropriate.

The Kohler company is providing ore installed hose and spray head for convenience of the users so that you can use it directly once you take out from carton and also it comes with highly durable pipe lines to make plumber’s task easy. The product is highly rust free and can be protected from corrosion and tarnish also for a long period of time.


  • Ceramic disc valves
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Highly affordable
  • Standard performance


  • Leakage problem
  • Disturbed fitting

All over the features and the performance of this faucet is appreciable but there are some limitations also earlier with which the faucet start compromising with the performance. The fitting also not suits better. However, you can purchase it as per your requirement.

4. Fapully Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • It is very easy to use and installation process is also very smooth.
  • Modern design and look is also very classy and elegant.
  • High quality performance with several new improvements.
Brand: Fapully | Material: Brass | Spout Height: 20.67 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.6 gallons per minute

This high quality, high performing is could be the best commercial kitchen faucet as the high arc swivels of 360° helps you to clean each and every corner of the sink as well as the sprayer. This faucet is useful for big places like restaurants, hotels etc. Along with this the stream mode is so good that it can fill big pots and utensils so easily.

Company gives an easy to clean touch cleaning spray technology through which each and every mess occurs by calcium or lime will be cleaned so quickly just by a touch of hand without any troubles. The design and quality of the product is so cool and smooth that it would be convenient to purchase and will top the list of best commercial kitchen faucet.

The Height of the product is 20.67 inches and the other measurements are spout reach 9.25 inches and the weight of the product is 6.39 pounds which is an ideal measurement for a faucet. Look wise it failed the other commercial faucets as it is the best faucet provide high quality working as per the user’s convenience.


Hoses are of best quality
Easy to install and use
Perfect metal finish
Stunning look


Leakage issue
Not so smooth

In my opinion this could be the best commercial kitchen faucet as its features and technology is great performing.  However, a little issues you must find while using the faucet for a long time but that too can be fixed easily. You can surely go for it as if you trust this company’s services.

5. GICASA Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • Specially designed for modern kitchen and for the restaurants.
  • Pressure of the water is so suitable for doing day to day works.
  • You are able to clean it very adequately with facing any major issues.
Brand: GICASA | Material: Brass | Spout height: 4.92 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.8 gallons/minute

The design and the superb technique along with performance you find that this is the best black kitchen faucet. This is made to suit the combination of both the requirements of modern design and sophistication. Along with this, they are providing you the powerful water pressure for cleaning of utensils faster than before with almost no residue of water  around.

Also, the stream is of equal flow which prevents to splash back and clean the dishes adequately with heavy duty appliances also. They are also providing you heavy duty commercial spring which is specially designed for the huge sinks and provide you smooth performance.

Furthermore, the pull down sprayer provide high durability and flexibility for a great working performance for long time of duration and always look new like you purchased it first. This great looking faucet is perfect for your kitchen no matter your sink is large or short this will suits for all type.


Highly affordable
Tremendous technology
Beautiful look
Smooth performance


Not long life
Leakage problem

In my opinion if smeone wants to purchase a high class faucet with good performance along with good looking but for a short duration of time then you can surely go for this. This faucet can’t be topped in best commercial kitchen faucet but it could be a good faucet.

6. MOONE Commercial kitchen faucet

Why do we love it?

  • Highly useful pull out technology along with other high class facilities.
  • Elegant designs and smooth without any complaints performance.
  • Measurements are as per the requirement and an ideal measurement.
Brand: Moone | Material: Brass | Spout Height: 20 inches | Maximum flow Rate: 1.8 gallons per minute

This amazing faucet in the list of best commercial kitchen faucet is extremely high performing. It has two types of spray technology, first one is normal spray for a normal flow of water for day to day works, the second one is stream flow which is a pressure water flow for intense cleaning along with for messy stubborn dirt of utensils.

It also consist of 360° swivels rotation for the close up use and cleaning purpose which is highly convenient to the users. With all such features the design and look of the faucet is also eye catchy and beautiful which enhance the beauty of the sink as well as the kitchen .

Overall height of the faucet it around 20 inches and the spout height is 5.7 inches and spout reach is 8.7 inches. Moreover, the faucet is multifunctioning with the high class facilities and technology.


All accessories are good.
Highly affordable
Easy to use


Leakage problem
Some bezel issues

This faucet is good purchasing but couldn’t say that this us the best commercial kitchen faucet.  The performance and the other stuffs are quite good but that bezel issue is disappointing  and expected to be cured soon by the company.

Buying Guide – Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Before buying a faucet you need to know some of the basic features of the faucet which is necessary to know.


You should always keep in mind that the faucet you are going to purchase is always have an ideal measurement to fit above the sink as well as able to fill the big pots with out any troubles.

Maximum flow rate

This is an important point of a faucet as it is very mandatory to know that how much is the maximum flow rate of the faucet you are supposed to purchase. If we talk about an ideal maximum flow rate we will se that it is about 1.4 to 1.9 gallons per minute. If the flow rate is not lying in this range than there must be some issues occurs with your faucet like the vessel fill up very slow or very fast which will cause wastage of water.

Multi functioning sprayer

If you purchase a multi functioning sprayer other than a normal sprayer it is only for your convenience because it will help you to switch the flow of the water whenever you needed. Like normal spray for your day to day task , powerful or booster spray increases the pressure 50% more for powerful cleaning to each and every corner of the sink and the last one is pause, it works when you fill the vessel outside the sink than it automatically switched off itself when the water reached to the top of the vessel.

These are some points which you can keep in mind before purchasing a faucet. Also, you must check the company too and its reviews also it will help you more.

Budget friendly

The faucet you are going to buy must be Budget friendly.  Just think if you bought an expensive faucet and after some time it start compromising with its services. All your money got wasted and the purchase will not worth. Therefore, before buying a faucet think wisely that the faucet should be budget friendly and not much expensive.


The design and the look of the faucet should be tremendous and classy which suits with your kitchen as well as you sink and requirements.


Do we need to purchase an expensive faucet for good quality?

Absolutely not. There are so many companies making faucets with top class quality and performance at low price rate. You must check them.

Which company’s faucet is best?

Before answering this question I want to let you know that it only and only depends upon your requirements.  The company you are going to choose must fulfil all the requirements you want to see in your faucets.

Which colour best suits for a faucet?

Well all the colour of the faucets are cool and aesthetic but the black one gives a royal look and have the ability to go with all types of kitchen and restaurants.

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Here we have seen the list of best commercial kitchen faucet and a lot of detailed information about a faucet. Finding a faucet which admires your needs as well as the colour contrast of you kitchen. All such things included with the features and specifications we have gone through them deeply. I hope this information helped you and you liked it.

If you are looking for

  • Cheap
  • High performing
  • Superb techniques
  • And touchless activation

You must go for GICASA Kitchen Faucet

If you are looking for

  • Bold and classy
  • Ideal measurements
  • And not much expensive faucet

You can go for  Delta commercial kitchen faucet

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