6 Best Black Kitchen Faucet 2024

These are some of the faucets that are most demanding in the market today and the best part is that they are able to fit in your medium budget.

Finding such a faucet that suits your kitchen is not an easy task in today’s time and if such a faucet is found in black colour then what can be better than this? To make your task easier, we have brought you a range of selected faucets.

6 Best Black Kitchen Faucet

# Product Weight (Pounds)
1 Delta Faucet Trinsic  Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet 3.9
2 Delta Faucet Essa Black Kitchen Faucet 3.4
3 Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle Kitchen Faucet 4.3
4 GICASA Kitchen Faucet 7.7
5 Pfister LG534-LPMB Arkitek Kitchen Faucet 1
6 Kraus KPF-1673SFSMB Kitchen Faucet 8.7

1. Delta Faucet Trinsic  Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • It is very easy to use and installation process is also very smooth.
  • Modern design and look is also very classy and elegant.
  • High quality performance with several new improvements.


Brand: Delta Faucet | Material: Zinc | Spout Height: 9.5 inches stay | Maximum Flow Rate: 1.2 gallons/minute

This is one of the best quality Delta faucet available in the market. It’s magnetite docking keeps the head of the spray securely and provide high durability which helps it to longer and longer. Along with this the diamond seal technology beautify it’s performance and enhance it’s reliability and also it provides you its best quality in such a cheap price for long time.

Also, they provide you their best designs and elegant colours like Arctic stainless, matte black, chrome and black stainless. It will provide you a lot of additional features also, like AC adapter, touch 20 functions, it can also adjust handle manually, the size of the hose is 20 inch. Delta 20 touch is specially made to keep you Faucet clean everyday no matter whether you hands are clean or not.

Too, the touch Clean spray holes made to clean away the calcium and lime build up only by touching a button by a finger. There is an inbuilt technology of Delta temp sense LED lights which indicates the temperature of the water by changing the light for the comfort of the user. However, this can become a dazzling star of your kitchen once you install it.


  • High-tech facilities
  • Clear finishing
  • Superb performance


  • Internal leakage
  • Not fixed properly

Through my opinion this could be the best black kitchen faucet at this reasonable price rate. The quality and performance of the spray if above marks. However, you can see some leakage problems before the warranty period and replacement may give you some headache but it’s overall performance is pretty good and the classy look makes it more attractive.

2. Delta Faucet Essa Black Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • Superior look along with professional classy design.
  • It is available with a new technique pull down sprayer.
  • Easy to use, clean and install without facing any type of difficulties.
Brand: Delta Faucet | Material: Metal | Spout height: 9.38 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.8 gallons/minute

This product is highly demanded and recommended to those buyers who want a faucet with professional look for their sweet kitchen. Moreover, the euro design make the faucet smooth, and sophisticated and provide a superior focal point for kitchen and enhance the working performance of the user.

The fitting of the faucet is nice but little complicated. Additionally, the diamond seal technology provides the spray a lifetime reliability and durability which is suitable for you to use it as long as you want. The company will provide a soap dispenser also with the products to place soap or lotion on that. The performance of the spray is outstanding that it doesn’t need any lubrication or oiling all year round.

Also, the additional features provide 360° rotation of the high arch spout swivels and the reach of the hose is 20 inch which is and ideal height of a spray. The magnetite docking system holds the head properly when the spray is not in use without dropping water which is helpful to prevent water wastage.

Furthermore, for instant clean look the spray consists a rubber spray holes which allow the minerals not to residue on the tap and easily wipes away.


  • Superior performance
  • Highly affordable
  • Sophisticated look
  • Two functions spray
  • Cons:

Slight wobbly

Early leakage problem

In my opinion this product is quite well performing and can say that it is pretty worth it to purchase. Along with this, they are also providing high technology facilities for the convenience of users but along with this you can face minor leaking issues which are unexpected and hope to solve this problem soon. Overall, the performance is good and if you are going to purchase it you can surely go for it.

3. Moen 7594BL Arbor One-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • Classic design with standard royal black look.
  • It has power booster featuring with reflex.
  • Smooth and neat look with so many features.


Brand: Moen | Material: Metal | Spout height: 7.88 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.5 gallons/minute

This company is highly appreciated for making best quality plumbing products since a long time. Along with this the faucet which we are dealing right now is based on transitional design in which you can see a beautiful curve on the spout and slight flare on handle which enhances the décor of the kitchen more than before.

Moreover, the one touch boost technology is more than everything. Just by touching a button you can boost the speed of water for superior cleaning and other works. The hose is directed to automatically retract as per the users convenience from any angle and direction.

For cleaning purpose spout is specially designed to 360° rotation and also to fill and clean large areas the high arch spout technology is built on the product. Along with all such fabulous features the finishes include various colours which are chrome, spot resist stainless, oil rubbed bronze and matter black. The matte black colour is highly beautiful and enhance the beauty of the kitchen.


  • Ultimate installation
  • Easy to clean by spot resist
  • Elegant performance
  • Highly affordable


  • Huge leakage problem
  • Slight cartridge issue

In my point of view this faucet is quite disappointing as there are several problems like internal leakage and also the cartridge is getting loose again and again. However, the look of the faucet is above marks and performance is quite good only in starting time period after that it start compromising with its performance which is very unsatisfied.

4. GICASA Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • Specially made for modern kitchen to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.
  • Provide a suitable water pressure for day to day work.
  • Helps to clean adequately with no any major troubles.


Brand: GICASA | Material: Brass | Spout height: 4.92 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.8 gallons/minute

The design and the superb technique along with performance you find that this is the best black kitchen faucet. This is made to suit the combination of both the requirements of modern design and sophistication. Along with this, they are providing you the powerful water pressure for cleaning of utensils faster than before with almost no residue of water  around.

Also, the stream is of equal flow which prevents to splash back and clean the dishes adequately with heavy duty appliances also. They are also providing you heavy duty commercial spring which is specially designed for the huge sinks and provide you smooth performance

. Furthermore, the pull down sprayer provide high durability and flexibility for a great working performance for long time of duration and always look new like you purchased it first.

This great looking faucet is perfect for your kitchen no matter your sink is large or short this will suits for all type.


  • Ultimately affordable
  • Elegant design and performance
  • Easy to install
  • 360° swivels


  • Slight leakage issue
  • Non metallic hose

No doubt this faucet is best black kitchen faucet because of its durability and long life and always look new. The design is so classy and vibrant. Moreover, the sprayer is easy to clean, use and install. Still you can face slight leakage issues but it is not going to happen with every piece. And if you want to purchase a black faucet you can surely go for it.

5. Pfister LG534-LPMB Arkitek Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • Highly smooth look with high quality ceramic disc valves.
  • Easy to use and clean with 360° spout swivels.
  • Highly versatile with included an optional deck plate.


Brand:  Pfister | Material: Metal | Spout height: 9.19 inches | Maximum flow rate:  1.8 gallons/minute

This product is literally mind-blowing, the design and look of the product is so smooth and soothing which definitely good for your kitchen décor. Additionally, this modern kitchen faucet has availability of pull down for doing your close up work at ease. Also, the ceramic disc valves technique makes it so classy and beautiful in look wise.

They are providing a toggle button with it to change the mode of the spray from spray to stream and stream to spray only by pulling the spray head out. Furthermore, for cleaning and maintenance purpose the company is providing 360° swivels head keeping in mind the convenience of the users.

To prevent from close back splashes they are providing a forward-only handle bump which protects you from back splashes of the sink dirt. Also, the design of the faucet is cool and is able to install so easily with flexible line and high durability.


  • Soothing black colour
  • Highly reasonable
  • Perfect fitting
  • Finishing is good


  • Leakage problem
  • Weak plastic body

In my opinion this product is good but it also has some demerits which is not acceptable like the body is of weak plastic and also you can face some leakage problems. Moreover, the paint is peeled off too early. However, the design and look is good and the performance is smooth, you can go for this product for a short duration of time.

6. Kraus KPF-1673SFSMB Kitchen Faucet

Why do we love it?

  • This dual functioning spray is outstanding with great potential.
  • Stainless steel with a fabulous non spot design.
  • Having ideal height for an ideal sink of your kitchen.


Brand: Kraus | Material: Brass | Spout height: 9.18 inches | Maximum flow rate: 1.8 gallons/minute

This high arch Nolen faucet is made for your kitchens requirements and to change your kitchen at a new level. According to its look and two colours sprayer it can be say that this product is the best black kitchen faucet at such convenient price rate. For a great look the company is providing sleek cylindrical lines and a suitable spray head.

Along with this the sprayer is made to do dual functions alternately, the spray head with give you an aerated stream for doing daily work and the other one is powerful spray for cleaning and heavy duty purposes and also a superb button to switch between the two of the sprays according to your convenience.

Furthermore, for effortless and smooth movement a highly movable nylon hose is provided along with swivel adapter. The duo colour look of golden and black makes it more catchy and attractive.


  • Highly affordable
  • Good looking
  • Multiple functioning
  • Stainless steel finishing


  • Spray head issues
  • Slight leakage

The most beautiful part of this product is its golden and black combination colour which is really attention grabbing. If we talk about its performance, overall it is good and can be worth purchasing. Similarly, the company is providing a lot multifunctional aptitude with this product and I  must say that this will become the best black kitchen faucet till now.

Buying guide for Best Black Kitchen Faucet

To keep your kitchen beautiful, it is very important to have beautiful appliances in it. It has to be kept in mind that which things will look good on the kitchen, it will look contrasting with its color.

If your home decor is taken seriously, then you will understand how much confusion can be in buying faucets. Because of this, the job of a buying guide is to show you the right path and to introduce you to a good product according to your convenience.

Read the below mentioned points which will make you understand what you need to keep in mind while buying a faucet.


First comes the design. Before buying any item, we focus on its looks, if it looks good, then it will enhance the beauty of your home. Similarly, when you choose a faucet for your kitchen, it is important to keep in mind that it should look better in your kitchen. Buy a contrasting faucet hi according to the colour of your kitchen.


Now it is the turn of the material, whether you buy clothes or any kitchen appliance, it is very important to look at the material. Similarly, while buying a faucet, you need to see what material it is made of, if it is brass, then that faucet will be average, and if it is metal, it will be better because items made of metal are mostly used.


It is also necessary to test the length of the faucet. If the length of the faucet is smaller than the sink, then there is no point in buying it, and if it is too big, then the fear of back splash will remain and children will face problems in working in it.


Along with all these things, it has become very important nowadays to pay attention to the quality of the product. The faucet you buy may start draining after some time or the colour of the faucet may start peeling off or the problem of leakage may start even before the warranty expires. So whenever you go to buy a faucet, do not forget to keep these things in mind.

It is more important than all these things that you should be satisfied with the product you buy, it should be budget friendly and when you use it, you should not be disappointed in any way. If possible, the product should meet your maximum requirements and provide you convenience.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Which colour is best for a faucet?

All colours are good but it completely depends on the colour of your kitchen. The faucet must be contrasting in nature to your kitchen. If we see in general than black colour suits in every type of kitchen.

2. Which faucet is best metal one or plastic one?

Metal body faucets are best as they have the ability to use for a long period of time without corrosion and tarnish.

3. Which is an ideal range of maximum flow rate?

To be honest it depends on the company but still we can say an ideal range of maximum flow rate is 1.5-1.9 gallons per minute.

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Above we have seen a list of some of the most affordable faucets, which will make it easy for you to choose which faucet will be most beautiful in your kitchen or bathroom. Now we had learned which faucet is better and how many features it has and also which suits to you kitchen best.

Buying these small things for your kitchen and taking care of them is not an easy task. We hope that our study and research helped you to choose your faucet and you liked this information.

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