What is the best Reverse Osmosis System for drinking water?

Are you facing impure and stinking water problems even by using sieves and gauzes? Gauzes and colanders can clean water, but minimally to a certain extent. They are not completely fortunate in whipping off all the toxins and pollutants from water.

Filtration systems that make use of the reverse osmosis method are best suited for household as well as commercial use. Purchasing a filter with a reverse osmosis system for drinking water is worth the amount of money spent on it.

Reverse Osmosis filter works on more than six-stage filtration, thus removing the tiniest toxin from water and making it suitable for drinking purposes.

The structure of these filters consists of a semi-permeable membrane attached to the sink areas. The Reverse Osmosis filtration system consists of a semi-permeable filter to suppress and remove the detritus and junk from water reservoirs.

Reverse Osmosis systems are categorized on the basis of their usage and efficiency in different areas of work. A few types are enlisted below:

  • Finest for flats and house unit
  • The choice for Kitchen Sink
  • All-Embracing Osmosis System
  • Budget-Friendly System
  • Desktop System (without the use of any drilling system)

Three Best Reverse Osmosis System for Drinking Water

As we know clean water is a vital part of our lives, everyone demands a system of purification that is cheap and requires less maintenance. Here are the best three Reverse Osmosis System for Drinking water:

#ProductWeight (Pounds)
1Waterdrop K19
2iSpring RCC732
3Home Master TMHP18.8

1. Waterdrop K19 – Best Reverse Osmosis Countertop System

best countertop reverse osmosis system

If you are considering buying a countertop water filter system, the Waterdrop K19 Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a great option to consider. This system is designed to be compact and convenient to use, making it perfect for any room or even on the go. With no plumbing or installation required, it can be directly used after being powered on. The K19 also comes with a 170 OZ high-capacity tank, making it ideal for a big family’s daily water needs.

The Waterdrop K19 is equipped with advanced filtration technology, using multiple stages of filtration, including PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and UV light. This filtration process ensures that the water is purified to the highest degree possible, making it the best water purifier for your family. The K19 also has a filter lifespan of up to 12 months, saving you money and hassle in the long run.

In addition to its superior filtration, the Waterdrop K19 is designed with water and cost-saving features in mind. The K19 has an impressive 3:1 drain ratio and drain water recycling technology, reducing water consumption and saving you money on your water bill. The K19 also comes with a smart display screen, allowing you to easily check the filter status, TDS value, preset water volume, and other information. With four modes of fixed water volumes, the K19 also helps you save water and ensure you are using just the right amount for your needs.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • High-capacity tank
  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants in water
  • Can be used with tap water or well water
  • Requires electricity to operate

2. iSpring RCC7

best ro system for drinking water

iSpring is considered as one of the most inexpensive filtration systems for water. Some properties are mentioned below:

Working of the System

It filters water on a large-scale. Tube well water that can be consumed for drinking purposes can easily be filtered by iSpring RCC7. It is a five-stage advanced filtration method. It makes use of an Ultraviolet sterilizer to clean water.

The structure consists of two activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis filter and carbon support filters. The purification of even the smallest particles of dust and sand results in clean water. This system removes 95% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water.

Major Characteristics

  • It filters 75 gallons per day.
  • iSpring offers a warranty of almost five years in most reasonable amounts of money.
  • It is the most affordable filtration system.
  • Any undesirable odour is also removed along with the pollutants.
  • Herbicides and insecticides are removed by the iSpring Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.
  • It is NSF certified.
  • This system demands greater maintenance.
  • This system is unsuitable for purification at a small-scale.
  • Special care needs to be taken and the filter needs to be cleaned weekly for its long-lasting usage.

3. Home Master TMHP

best reverse osmosis system for drinking water  2021

This innovative filter packed with multiple advantages offers a number of features. Some are enlisted below:

Working of the System

This five-stage filtration system is suitable for household purposes. It consists of a Catalytic Carbon filter and Remineralization filter in combination with Activated carbon. This RO system is applicable for all small as well as large scale filtration systems.

It ensures 99% filtration, with the removal of bacteria and heavy metals like arsenic and lead. Large storage tanks enable greater water quantity to be accommodated that can be used for more than three days.

Major Characteristics

  • It provides purification of 75 gallons of water per day.
  • It increases the water pressure, even if it is connected to a source in which water pressure is low.
  • This system requires low maintenance.
  • The company provides a warranty of five years.
  • It is applicable for water purification both at small and large-scale.
  • Most affordable filter system.
  • The installation period requires a long time (a week or more in some cases).
  • Produces a large amount of wastewater.


Reverse Osmosis method has been developed that offers the customers a cheaper and effective method to clean and healthier water to consume. In comparison to other methods, it is an innovative method that requires low maintenance. Thus, it seems to be the most adopted technology in the future to obtain pure water.

Conclusively, clean water is a demand for everyone. Water is consumed on a daily basis, so in order to maintain proper health, water needs to be germ-free. The reverse Osmosis technique has made our lives easier by the provision of purified water on small and even large-scale.

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